The State of This Blog

Welcome to my temporary new blog! I’ll explain why this is temporary later, but for now, I’ll describe what’s going to happen in this blog.

Content planning….

I keep taking down my blogs after a while, partially because they see no real activity or engagement, partially because I perceive them to be “boring”. What do you guys want me to write?

Why is this blog temporary?

Well, this version of the blog is. This blog exists to be a transitionary between my current site and the future blog and portfolio that I will be building. The posts that are currently in this version will be migrated into the future blog, though posts made for prior iterations are just gonna be lost in time.

How do I tell you what to write?

Just follow the links on the top right of the page and figure it out from there. I’ll try to respond whenever I can.

Thank you for reading up to this part, I know it’s not worth caring for <3.

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