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A simple rant.

Despite the ambiguous name, this discusses an issue that is important to me. It consumes my psyche on the daily, and it becomes a bug that I can’t get out.

I’m a former Muslim and I’m vocal about this. It’s an issue that not many people consider or actively listen to, with few exceptions. Being vocal in a sea of people who are actively harming you is a tough thing to do.

Being seen both as a racist boogeyman of the likes of Richard Dawkins, Ayaan Hirsi Ali et al., and as a person who is a “terrorist” is an enigma of itself.

Growing up in a community in a country so far attached from my culture, knowing full well I’d be ostracised because I’m too “different” and that I’m an “infidel” is an experience of itself.

Knowing that people, even white liberals, straight up imply that you’re a dark skinned agent for white supremacy, or that I’m a brown faced tool for empire, or that I’m getting paid by special interests (We all know what this means.)

Knowing that you’ll suffer in silence because people are not willing to listen to you due to their socio-political biases, or that you’re “obsessed” because they’re not used to looking introspectively into their own idea of what a “minority” is, is an experience of itself.

I’m advocating for change here. Western societies need to accommodate people like me without us being faced by a flippant dismissal by both Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Learning the hard way that you’re only a recognised minority within a minority, unless the majority knows you exist is a fucked up experience. Knowing even then, the majority knowing that people like me exist will just prop me up as a political weapon by the right, misrepresented by liberals and completely overlooked by leftists.

Political Homelessness

For a while, I didn’t feel like I fit in a certain political ideology or position. Although I tried everything from being a neoliberal, to a non-Trumper conservative to being a damn near socialist, I didn’t feel like I had a concrete set of political opinions, especially in the social aspect of things. I didn’t really know where I was and I still feel like I don’t.

I’ve been fucked over and betrayed by literally everyone because of their ideology so what’s the point in choosing a side? There’s nothing that exists that encompasses most of my beliefs so I may as well pave my own road.

Final thoughts.

My final thoughts on this issue are that being an empath should not exist within ideological boundaries, and my thoughts of me advocating on an issue should not be looked at a purely ideological perspective. Just treat me as a human, please.

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